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Well it has been a while since I have posted so lets go over some facts.

1. Passed the tests for Max Rail- that’s right I will be driving a train.
2. I have become addicted to Mad Men on AMC
3. My writing output had dropped to zero
4. I’m still only 6’ tall
5. Chinese food has been tasting very good

The Lions Road SCA podcast has been taking off. With more hits and uploads then ever it just keeps getting better and better. Vrin is Fired up and I’m fired up and we are at 6 months.

We get fan mail from all over the world and the one piece of fan mail that makes me feel great is the “I used to play in the SCA back in the day but quit because of X (fill in your own X reason ) your podcast has got me thinking about the SCA for the first time in years. I think I will give it another try.” We get about 1 of these a week. What could be better then that. Bringing some one back in the game is a prospect that makes Vrin and I jump for joy.

New things on the web page.
1. New Forum http://lionsroad.lefora.com/forum/
2. New Movie List : http://lionsroad.org/bigd/movies.asp
3. Free Give Away Entry : http://lionsroad.org/Serv/contest.asp

I think that is enough podcast work for a while.

I did a great interview with the creators of SCAtoday.net They are very fired up and dedicated and they have the same motivations that Vrin and I have so it was great talking to them. I wished I could have squeezed their interview in the last episode but it won’t be until the next episode that we have room.

WOW just saying that. When we started we had to push to fill up an hour. Now we have more then we can fit in an hour.

Wow All other projects are on hold until Christmas because Lions Road is eating up all the free time we have.

Peace Friends.

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Lordy Lordy Lordy

So I cleaned my plate, I sat down and purged everything out of my life that was not adding to my writing and creative endeavors. I sat down and purged and purged again until I was focused on just writing. Well I should say writing and work. Personal life? Forget that, friends? No time for friends. How about time to rebuild a 1967 GTO early model with the 369 tri-power engines? Nope! No time for that and I don’t own a 1967 GTO so it was very hard.

So as a way of learning about recording I started a podcast and now that podcast is growing and sucking up all my free time!!! Sheesh. Lions Road SCA podcast is focused on SCA issues and history and fun and it keeps on growing. We have tripled in sized in the last month. Just checked the stats this morning and we are doing smashingly.

When I started the SCA podcast I thought “maybe a few of my friends would enjoy it” but now we have listeners all around the world. From Australia to Canada to Germany. In every Kingdom of the known world and in every state in the US. So what started, as a learning project has grown into something very special.

So now I have decided to focus on this opportunity. In my passed I have let too many things like this slip away. I am going hop up on this horse and ride it to the finish line. For two reasons 1. I love doing it. 2. Since I can’t make it to many events I might as well have some fun.

Check it out http://lionsroad.org

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I am so lucky right now I have many great friends and lots of family who, great or not, are always there for me.

I’m sitting in my little podcasting studio, writing away for the next round of recording on the new ultra sexy microphone.

I have the new live video feed up to see how that is working. I should be able to be seen on my Myspace page and on the Sonnetoptics page. This is just a test to see how well this works so we can do a live SCA podcast some day.

I am working on another episode of the years.

This will be the first podcast using the new microphone. I will do that some time today and with any luck it will sound awesome.

Vrin and I got together and did another episode of Lions Road ScA podcast last night because this week was too hard for him to make it. So we just ran with it on Monday morning. Not our best podcast but it moved along and it was not bad at all.

Next lions Road will be better.

We are rolling out our new format for the next episode and I think it will have more real stuff to sink your teeth into.

Found a great place for bumper music. It really rocks but the membership to get in takes so much freaking time…Ahhhhhhhhhh.

My brain is bursting with story ideas and I have to start getting them going for the podcast.

This week I don’t have to worry about the web page because it’s as good as it is going to get any time soon.

Well I have to get going, just wanted you all to know that it is going well.

I have to make sure that I do not go overboard on the sound equipment. It’s very easy to overspend and I’m trying to use everything I can to it’s utmost before I buy anything new.

The sound box is ready for it’s first run. Lined with foam with the sexy new microphone inside it should sound awesome!!!

Tons of love Dan

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This week has been fun and games without the games and the fun.

Work this week has been a pain in the ass but I know that it is paying for everything I do so I march off to battle each day. The West coast is in the grip of a heat wave that with any luck will be over the Midwest by the time you read this.

The microphone I bought and have been worshiping does not work. FUCK! I hate that. Now I have to go back into the music story.. Is there a music store in the world you can go into where you don’t feel like a retard. The reason everyone in the music is an ass is because from the moment you start everyone love flaunting how much he or she know and how little you know. I hate going in there but it’s only a few blocks away. One more trip, but I swear in the name of all that is good that if they treat me like a dork I’m blowing a brain gasket.

The great news is I have not had to touch the web page this week. It’s just doing its job. Both Sonnetoptics.net and the SCA pod cast on lion’s road are growing and doing well all on their freaking own. How cool is that? WAY COOL.

Karin came over today to help me clean up and get the studio set up a little better. It was a job that was daunting in some strange way. Like some big Ogre was standing there with a club preventing me from starting. With Karin’s mighty help everything got set up. Everything I needed to get done was finished and that is really really awesome. Is there any better ex-wife in the world? I don’t think so.
Next week Lisa K. is coming over to help put the spank down on the rest of the studio and when it is done I should be able to show it to you on camera. WOW that will be cool. Where would I be without those that help.

Well it looks like each night for the next seven days I will be loading up a project. Can you believe it. 1 project a day for an entire week.. as hard as that is I love it.

Monday: Tori High school is not enough

Tuesday: Lionsroad Podcast / Surreal Cafe

Wednesday: Challenge Story

Thursday: Challenge Story

Friday: The naked Now

Saturday: The years 1977

Now that is a full week…

So much to do this week and so little time.

I hope you are having as much fun as I am.

Ok I need some reason to get outside and do something. I hate just walking around. But I love to ride my bike so I was thinking of getting my bike fixed up. I want to buy a canoe and go rowing because I love the water but I’m need to get in some better type of shape.

For some strange reason sitting here writing makes me thing about getting out and doing things more. Ok so I have to find a middle ground. I’m working on it, I’m working on it.

So this is going to be the week of the big push…more to do for you know who. So I will see you next week.

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Wow what a weekend… well my weekends are Monday and Tuesday.

I have unleashed the new beta for my sonnetoptics web page…

and I have just finished the first release of the web page for
Lions Road SCA podcast… http://lionsroad.org Now if that was not enough.

I also finished a new posting for surreal café,

Worked on my daughter recording of her podcast high school is not enough

Vrin and I finished our first presentable podcast for Lions Road SCA podcast.. how cool is that..

WOW now that is one freaking productive two days..

This week I have to get my Studio moved around.

Build a sound proof area ( or as best I can)

Also I have to set up new microphone. I have been weighting to do that for 2 months.

I cannot believe I did so freaking much in the last two days..

Oh yeah social life is zero…. Go figure.

But there is always forbidden love….

So I am going to celebrate this great high water mark by going for a walk in the rain…. Hmmm rain..

Got to start saving my money. This week no eating out. Unless there is a female involved.

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Dysgraphia: A True Confession

I bet you have never heard of it. Neither had the Portland public schools when I was growing up. You also won't find it in Microsoft Word. Type out the word 'dysgraphia' and you will get a red line. In my book, that is irony.

Dysgraphia (or agraphia) is a deficiency in the ability to write-- regardless of the ability to read-- not due to intellectual impairment.

People with dysgraphia often can write on some level but they
can also lack basic spelling skills, and often will write the wrong word when trying to formulate thoughts. In childhood, the disorder generally emerges when they are first introduced to writing. They make inappropriately sized and spaced letters, or write wrong or misspelled words despite thorough instruction. Children with the disorder may have no social or other academic problems. Dysgraphics often will exceed in verbal or spoken skills to compensate for writen deficiencies.

There are some common problems not related to dysgraphia but often associated with dysgraphia, the most common of which is stress. Often children (and adults) with dysgraphia will become extremely frustrated with the task of writing (and spelling); younger children may cry or refuse to complete written assignments. This frustration can cause the child (or adult) a great deal of stress and can lead to stress related illnesses. Other common environmental sources of stress in the classroom setting are (a) high levels of environmental noise, and (b) over-illumination. This can be a result of any symptom of

This is not Dyslexia:

Often when growing up teachers thought I had dyslexia and tests said I had dyslexia -- I even pretended to have dyslexia when asked-- but the truth is I see letters in words ok. I have no problem reading at all. I have always read far above my grade level-- when I was in school, and after.

I don't know how it is with others with dysgraphia but with me, I have no other learning problems. I can grasp and understand complex and abstract ideas. My problem comes when I have to write about them. I can speak about them all day long, but writing about them... big problem.

Dysgraphia Is A Horrible Curse!:

I don't care about the cause; I don't care about the why's and the when's. What I can tell you is it's a horrible thing to have to always make excuses. I was writing on the bus, I was up late, I was in a hurry, my spell checker was not working or did the wrong thing...

I have had friends --good friends-- hold my work up for public ridicule thinking it was a joke. I laugh along but every time, inside it freaking hurts.


I have lived a life of shame because of this.
No one out there can imagine how often this comes up and how many times my insides have twisted with rage over this freaking curse.

Not a bad speller:
Yes, that would be simple, but if that were the case then it would get better with practice. I have spent lots of time working on it but the truth is simple."IT DOESN'T MATTER." So here is the proof: I did a search on my computer of all email and written material and pulled up my name. I spelled my name wrong 30% of the time. Now even my biggest detractors will have to admit that I know how to spell my own freaking name. If I just was "a bad speller".

The Big Problem:

The big problem is I'm a born storyteller. I don't know if I could be a writer but I know I have the stories and the ideas in me. I know that storytelling is at the very heart and soul of who I am. Imagine wanting to be a runner and being born with no legs, a painter
who loses his eyesight, a singer who has no voice. This is what I feel when I sit down to write and look back at a page of red marks from my spell checker. It often takes me three times longer to check, fix, and correct my writing then it did to write them.

The bigger problem is I would like to take classes to become a better writer. I would like to learn more about story structure and character development and drama but when you are trapped in dysgraphialand no one thinks you are worthy of learning more. They always say, "well you need to master the basics". Well, I can never master the basics of writing no matter how I try.

Because of this in school I was always in the worst classes because every single placement test you could take was written. I got average to poor grades except in history and political science classes. So there Dan sits in basic reading in fifth grade. Everyone else is reading simple stuff. I am reading and understanding the Silmarillion. The teachers would not believe me.

The Big Disincentive:

So writing-- the one thing I need to do to tell my stories-- is the one thing I can never excel at. Every creative endeavor I have ever set upon has been in some way sabotaged by this curse. Time after time it has stopped me. Well the truth is I am going to give it one more try. What you are reading and this web page is my last chance at doing something I dearly love. If I cannot make this work in, say, the next three years I will be done writing and story creating for the rest of my life. I know that sounds extreme, but the truth is : do I want to spend the rest of my life struggling for something I cannot make happen?

So there you have a confession that will surprise no one who knows me.

Just so you know, I do not hold a grudge over any past issues. If you are my fifth grade English teacher who wadded up my paper on Dune and said "Try again in English" or if you are a friend who liked to point out something publicly-- no problem. I really have no issues there. My issues with this curse are all on the inside with me
Don't worry, I still love you all.... except for that idiot English teacher.

That is a first time confession.


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Fourteen monkeys typing away, writing Shakespeare all the damn day, how will the monkeys earn any pay? Who can say, who can say?

What’s New "MAY"
The Years.
Finished editing 1976 oh god that took a ton of time. Lots and lots of free time and there we are....done! It is the longest recording so far. I have also learned a little trick to help improve recording quality...after I recorded this beast.
Changed the name of essays to The Naked Now... for no reason at all except when people come to this web page they are not even looking at the essays page. So I think a name changed may change that... stay tuned.

The Lions Road
Episode 1 and 2 just entered editing. Have lots and lots of changes to do for this show. I think we will get a good thing going once we have more time. Vrin is awesome.

Surreal Cafe
Short one this week. Hope it's fun.

The First Courts
My first online podnovel has started. This is more of a training wheels novella. I hope to learn how much I can record and do each week. It is more a myth then a story so it will not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Hope to record this Monday with Tori.

New Computer
Mac Mini does it all. Well the old computer just did not have the horsepower and so I added the Mac Mini. This sucker kicks ass. I'm going to keep it slim and trim with limited software so that it can do all the recording jobs I need.

New Sound Control
Ok the studio is never going to be 100% sound proof, I understand that. But I have made a barrier for the computer so it is a not humming in the background. I have also made a sound box area for the new recordings.

New Microphone
Ok I feel like a dork, went out and got a new microphone and this one is going to be much much better. I think the sound quality is heads and shoulders above what I was getting.

Software: Soundsoap
this came very much recommended and will also help reduce noise. Can you believe it. So what! even if this hobby is keeping me poor. I am enjoying it no end.

High-water Marks
Well I went from 16 downloads of my work last month to 94 this month. That is a huge amount of better in my book. I am still working on ways to make it all better. Some name changes have helped.

Page Hits
Page hits are up with about 29% of everyone on the page listening to two or more podcast. Dang! I need more Content!!!!

This is good news and bad news. The good news is I have product starting to roll out on Itunes...The bad news is it's my first recordings with crappy graphics... still it beats nothing. I will improved and move on to better things.

Goals For May
Record and Post the Lions Road
Of all the programs this is number one on my must have hit parade. This means editing and recording and getting this beast going. Now that I will have the best possible sounds and recordings I think this will be awesome.

One Episode of "The First Courts Of Estillias"
Of all the reasons I started this web page telling mythic tales is number one. People worry about the price of gas, the war in the Middle East and all the problem of the world. I worry about worlds that do not exist or that we cannot see. This is one of my many mythic dreams.

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In this time of doubt

war in the middle east

Gas prices all the way to the sky

Divorce at 65%

Chemicals in our food like

At this crucial point in history we have only one question to ask


If he can lead the Freman against the Emperor and Baron Harkonen, what could he do for us?

Go to go now, I'm knee deep in Atreides blood

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Ok so I worked at getting this dang web page together as sonnetoptics.net. It's as good as I can make it with my skill level. I feel like that has been a real up hill climb. Now I'm there, the web page is done and I'm sort of stunned.

Now I am ready for the next step and that is making the content to make the web page worthy.

Now that I'm here... it seems like everything else is pulling me away.

Script writing has been great and some of my work is being sold and I am still working on more. The time lag on scripts is huge. You may write a script now and not see anything on it for years even if it is a great script. So I still have this learning curve on the scripts to pass but my story ideas are solid. Here is the deal, that is long term so I have decided to put that on a slower track in my life, say 25% of my creative time, and put the other 75% into provided the content for the web page that I always wanted to do.

So I am there now.

I now have the place for my spoken word stuff

I now have the time.

I now have the hardware and software to make it happen.

So no more freaking distractions...it's production time.... now now now

So I'm going to stay focused.

It's time to do what I have wanted to do for three years.

Shit I'm slow.

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Vrin and I just recorded our first episode of Lions Road... time to edit and work on the Lionsroad web page.

Shit one more thing to do.

Still trying to finish the big Sci-fi script...

keep your fingers crossed.

Tuesday plan
1. Finish lions road podcast
2. Edit the years
3. Finish Script..

what I will get done

1. wake up
2. piss away time on emails
3. respond to 50 twitters
4. get half way done with editing the years podcast
5. watch blade runner again...

sounds like a full life for me.

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